The collar that makes walking your furry friend relaxing and enjoyable.

Trusted and used by a lot of  Happy Dog Owners

Is your dog’s pulling behavior out of control? Tried everything to train them and getting no results?

It’s time you try BravoWalk, the fast and effective way to train your dog to stop pulling on their leash. BravoWalk uses sound, vibration, and harmless stimulation to grab your dog’s attention to stop unwanted pulling behavior.

We understand how frustrating and tiring it is when a dog always pull you every time on walks.

So, we’ve invented a collar that communicates with your furry friend to stop pulling, effortlessly and without hurting them. Unlike traditional solutions in the market that causes pain and damaging their skin and fur, BravoWalk is like giving them a tap on their shoulder teaching them not to pull.

Without BravoWalk

Using BravoWalk

Why BravoWalk?


Traditional no-pull collars can cause harm to dogs by choking, pinching etc.


The BravoWalk is like a professional dog trainer on your side but is a lot cheaper.


No need for remotes and any complicated training. Just set the level, clip, walk and go. It’s that simple.


No need for remotes to work. The BravoWalk activates automatically and the dog is in control.

How does it work?

Set the mode

You can set BravoWalk to sound and vibrate only or adjust the stimulation levels from low to high. We recommend starting at the lowest first then adjust accordingly.

Wear Collar and attach leash

Wear the collar on your dog’s neck. Adjust the collar, make sure it’s snug and not too tight.

Start Walking

BravoWalk works automatically. It usually takes one to two stimulations for dogs to understand what it means. When they stop pulling, we recommend patting them on the head or give them a reward to further stop their leash pulling.

BravoWalk Features

✅ Nylon collar with reflective stitching

✅ Micro USB port to recharge battery 

✅ Emergency shut down

✅ Adaptive TENS stimulation levels

✅ LED indicator light

✅ Settings button

✅ Ultrasonic Sound

✅ Vibration 

✅ Turn off the stimulation

BravoWalk uses TENS Technology

The stimulation your dog gets is not painful but it is mildly uncomfortable. The point is to annoy not to harm. The TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) system we use doesn’t feel like a “shock” but more of a tingling sensation. In fact, TENS is used to manage chronic pain in humans! 

The collar is 100% safe and you can even test it out on yourself to see what it feels like.

Backed with a 30-day pawsome love it or hate it guarantee!

The BravoWalk can be returned for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of original purchase. Please send an email with your name, email, and date purchased to [email protected] for assistance


What our customers say

It’s a miracle walking our dobermans now. They are so strong and impossible to walk with just a collar on. We always had to use a harness and would still end the walk with sore hands. Since getting the BravoWalk, we can walk our dogs with just a pinky. It’s fantastic!

– Mitchell L.

My overexcited goldendoodle jumps on people as they walk past, but when I use BravoWalk there is slack in the lead and she is calm.

– Alanna O.

All I can say is THANK YOU. My South African Boerboel was impossible to walk. We have tried every product on the market-head harness(she hated it), body harness (still pulls), spike collar (I could not stand it)- now it is as if there is not even a dog at the end of the leash.

– Phyllis M.

The leash worked the first time I used it when I walked both of my Australian Shepherds. It’s very straight forward and easy to use. My dogs are the type that pull hard and try to bolt when they see other dogs. Within 10 minutes of using the leash, both of them had learned how to respond and to heel. It only took two stimulations for them to learn! The collar is very safe and effective. It’s definitely a product I would use and recommend. I haven’t seen any other products like it in the marketplace.

– Kathy A.

Bravo Walk has completely changed my dog for the better!!! Before she would pull so hard she’d drag my girlfriend down the street and now she walks with no resistance whatsoever. The best part is that I don’t have to use some inhumane choke collar or nose collar where the dog is constantly in pain to enjoy walks.

– Will C.

Bravo collar has made my walks so much more enjoyable. I can finally walk my strong boxer more without stressing out about him literally pulling me everywhere. No amount of training has convinced him to not pull until this collar. Thanks for making such a great no brainer tool to help change my dogs bad pulling behavior.

– Jo B.

A trained dog is a healthy dog

We’ve helped a lot of pet owners make their walks go from impossible to enjoyable. Yours could be next.

Frequently Answered Questions

No.  We use a transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS) for correction; much different than a static shock.  The stimulation shouldn’t be painful, but more of a way to get your dogs attention – like if someone was to tap you on the shoulder. 

TENS units are safe and even used for people with chronic pain conditions. 

Feel free to try the device on yourself (we have!). Simply place the device in the palm of your hand and squeeze.

 With our patent-pending retractable electrodes, the BravoWalk sits more comfortably and safely on the dog’s neck than other e-collars on the market. While the hands-free device delivers consistent reinforcement for your pup​.

You are able to get professional results without the professional price tag or timetable and a frequently walked dog is a happy dog! 

Yes! We have done extensive testing and about 98% of all dogs who used the BravoWalk were trained to the beep of the device within one walk. 

While the device will do all of the training automatically, it will not hurt to use basic commands with your pup. Praise is of course a great idea to help reinforce a job well done! 

Yes. The electrodes are designed to accommodate both short and long haired dogs. Just tighten the collar so that the device sits pretty still on your pups neck when adjusting for fit. 

BravoWalk has a fail-safe function that turns off the stimulation in abnormal circumstances (just in case your dog’s collar gets caught on a branch for example).

If the device delivers more than 5 stimulations in 30 seconds time, the device will shut itself off completely.  To resume, just press the button to turn the BravoWalk back on.

When not in use, the BravoWalk can last up to 6 months.  When using regularly you should recharge about once a week. 

No. The BravoWalk is water resistant (rain splatters are fine), but should not be submerged in water. 

When your dog pulls on the collar the device will compress, allowing the electrodes to come out of the casing.  When the dog stops pulling, the electrodes will retract back into the casing in order to sit more comfortably on your pups neck. 

The BravoWalk delivers an annoying, but not painful stimulation to your pup when they continue to pull past the beep.

No. The BravoWalk is completely hands-free!

The BravoWalk manual will be sent via email or you can download it here.

The BravoWalk can be returned for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of original purchase. 

Please send an email with your name, email, and date purchased to [email protected] for assistance.

We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina. 


The BravoWalk is a training collar to help dog owners train their dogs to stop pulling on their leash on walks using sound, vibration, and stimulation.

Got Questions? Stay in touch.

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