BravoWalk Collar (Copy)


BravoWalk Collar (Copy)


The BravoWalk is an automatic training collar that will stop your dog from pulling on their leash in minutes (not months). Incredible but true! Try it for yourself risk-free for 30 days!

L Large (Up to 22" neck size)M Medium (Up to 16" neck size)

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30-Days Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason that the BravoWalk is not working for your dog or you don’t like your purchase within 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money. The BravoWalk has to be returned for a refund. We will pay for return shipping. Please send an email with your name, email, and date purchased to [email protected] for assistance.

It’s a miracle walking our dobermans now. They are so strong and impossible to walk with just a collar on. We always had to use a harness and would still end the walk with sore hands. Since getting the BravoWalk, we can walk our dogs with just a pinky. It’s fantastic!

Michell L.

My overexcited goldendoodle jumps on people as they walk past, but when I use BravoWalk there is slack in the lead and she is calm.

Alanna O.

All I can say is THANK YOU. My South African Boerboel was impossible to walk. We have tried every product on the market-head harness(she hated it), body harness (still pulls), spike collar (I could not stand it)- now it is as if there is not even a dog at the end of the leash.

Whitney Romero

The leash worked the first time I used it when I walked both of my Australian Shepherds. It’s very straight forward and easy to use. My dogs are the type that pull hard and try to bolt when they see other dogs. Within 10 minutes of using the leash, both of them had learned how to respond and to heel. It only took two stimulations for them to learn! The collar is very safe and effective. It’s definitely a product I would use and recommend. I haven’t seen any other products like it in the marketplace.

Kathy Adams

Bravo Walk has completely changed my dog for the better!!! Before she would pull so hard she’d drag my girlfriend down the street and now she walks with no resistance whatsoever. The best part is that I don’t have to use some inhumane choke collar or nose collar where the dog is constantly in pain to enjoy walks.

Will Clay

Bravo collar has made my walks so much more enjoyable. I can finally walk my strong boxer more without stressing out about him literally pulling me everywhere. No amount of training has convinced him to not pull until this collar. Thanks for making such a great no brainer tool to help change my dogs bad pulling behavior.

Jo Bell
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